We Miss the Old Kanye…

Kanye West is oft considered one of the greatest musical talents of his generation. He also supports Trump and recently gave an interview stating his belief that slavery was a choice. This week on the show, David and Mike dive down the rabbit hole that is Kanye West’s mind, explore themes of race and gender throughout his music and discuss his unique rise (and maybe fall) to music stardom. Tune in.

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One response to “We Miss the Old Kanye…

  1. Kanye said he supports Trump???

    I thought he said he “loves” Trump and has been pretty clear that he doesn’t agree with his policies, he just admires and respects his ambition.

    He also very specifically didn’t say he “believes” slavery was a choice, but framed it that way to make a larger point. Is it ok to ignore all else that he says in favor of simplifying what he wants his point to be to something that’s easier for us to process? I’m not sure that’s our best option in figuring out how to react to his provocative nature.

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