From Constituent to Elizabeth Warren: Please Endorse Bernie Sanders

Jesse Koklas, a volunteer for the Bernie Sanders campaign with a B.A. in Politics and French & Francophone Studies from Brandeis University, recently asked her senator, Elizabeth Warren, to endorse Sanders in the Democratic Primary.  A version of the letter she sent is below.

Jesse Koklas

Jesse Koklas

Dear Senator Warren,

Please endorse Senator Bernie Sanders in his campaign for President. He represents the antithesis to the 1%, one of the only other voices besides yours that remains unflinching in the face of corporate self-interest.

When I moved to Waltham to attend Brandeis University, I registered in Massachusetts so I could vote for you. We met at a rally you held with Rep. Markey a few years ago. Thank you for your talk then and your work since!

I admire you and Senator Sanders for the same reason: you both boldly speak the truth. And as Senator Sanders himself has asserted and I’m sure you agree, the truth is that it will take a lot more than just Bernie Sanders to make real dramatic change to our unequal system, controlled as it is by the purse strings of those far removed from the struggles of the average citizen.

People don’t engage in our political process because they don’t feel like they can make a difference. That is a circular, self-fulfilling prophecy, and one we will never escape if we don’t start truly mobilizing the electorate.

In order to win the vote from the well-funded, politically elite candidates, we need all of the people I’m talking to in the street, in my kitchen, and at the local watering hole to come out and vote. Bernie Sanders’ message can speak to them. If these people show up and stay engaged, it will allow someone to take the conversation about our broken system to the oval office, someone who will not back down when confronted by those who still refuse to listen.

This campaign can make a statement about how our current political system has failed to represent our citizens. I think you can help people hear this statement. You could help excite voters to come to the polls for Bernie.

Ms. Warren: if these people come out and vote and become active in the political process, think about the potential: we could change laws that our entire system is based on. Citizens United could be overturned. That’s the type of thing that the Bernie Sanders campaign is all about.

I respect your decision not to endorse anyone until now, but you have an intelligent and dedicated group of constituents who trust your judgment. We know that your compass needle is perpetually pointing north and we need you to endorse Bernie Sanders. You know how to make people pay attention, and I think it’s time America paid attention to Bernie.

Your constituent,
Jesse Koklas


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6 responses to “From Constituent to Elizabeth Warren: Please Endorse Bernie Sanders

  1. Jason

    I would love to see a Sanders – Warren ticket. She’d be an awesome VP before becoming our President in 2020.

  2. I’m voting for HILLARY CLINTON

    • tsyganka

      What a shame. Clinton was spokesperson for the corporatist-fascist TPP, called it the “gold standard” of trade deals, and praised it publicly no less than 45 times; she’s supported by corporate Big Money. She changed her rhetoric (but not her stance) only after Sanders got strong public approval for opposing the TPP. – This is similar to her reversal on the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, which she said (as Secy. of State) that she’d likely approve. She also reversed her stance on the US-Colombia trade deal that violates workers’ rights. At first she opposed it; but after Frank Giustra and Pacific Rubiales (doing business in Colombia AND accused of violating human rights) donated millions to the Clinton Foundation, she suddenly approved of the bad trade deal. Giustra now sits on the foundation’s board of directors.

      As an independent, I’ll vote only for Sanders. The Democratic Party needs the independent votes to win. It can nominate Sanders, or it can lose.

  3. Lauren Steiner

    Great letter. How about starting a petition on Move.On. org’s petition site that we can get hundreds of thousands of signatures on?

  4. JACK B

    plase do not do such a thing. wait and endorse Hillary hen she wins. this comng for a democrat who orke for WARREN, KENNEDY,EUGENE MCCARTHY, GEORGE MCGOVERN, FRED HARRIS,MONDALE, DUKAKIS, JEAN SAHEEN, JOHN DURKIN AND MANY MANY more

  5. henri lewkowicz

    my friends and myself will vote for Bernie ,with Hilary on the ticket , we will abstain

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